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McCormick Place
April 28-30, 2018

MARKETING: Discover the Only Proven Step-by-Step “Marketing Success Blueprint” to Dominate Your Local Area, Position You as the Authority/Expert and Exponentially Grow Your Business...Fast! [Earn 3 CEH]

March 25, 2017
02:15 PM to 05:15 PM

This workshop is for aesthetic business owners, directors and managers who want to discover the most advanced step-by-step, paint-by-numbers marketing blueprint ever created for the aesthetic industry proven in more than 5,600 locations. In this fast three hour workshop, you will arm yourself with the most advanced, proven tools, strategies, resources and systems you need to predictably attract, capture and convert the maximum number of clients/patients, dominate your local market, annihilate your competition, position you and your business as the expert and authority of choice and future-proof your business for success. You will learn what’s working and what’s not right now in the online, eCommerce and offline marketing world, the most advanced tweaks and hacks, how to cut through the marketing BS sold today and what to implement fi€rst, second and third in your business to make it a sustainable profi€table powerhouse. Imagine having the most advanced, proven success systems and processes working for you next week. No more guessing, wasting money or shooting from the hip style marketing. Making money in your business has NOTHING to do with the economy, new technology, or the amount of competition in your market... and everything to do with proven, time-tested marketing principles you can apply to your business for fast, predictable success. Missing this three hour workshop will be like fl‡ushing money down the toilet. Join us and learn how to do your marketing the right way from a 26 year aesthetic marketing veteran. All workbooks and checklists provided (a $1,997 value).


Chief Massive Action Officer, Zoomdazzle.com Publishing

Craig Ure is the CMAO (Chief Massive Action Officer) of ZoomDazzle.com publishing international, a web marketing consultant, speaker, author and social media adviser for many INC 500 oine and online companies. Craig and his father owned and managed 118 €fitness/spa properties, 2,987 licensed spa clubs, and an international fi€tness equipment manufacturing company in Europe. Craig has an MBA in marketing and business studies and owns many publishing websites and eCommerce stores selling physical products. He has spent the last 26 years at the school-of-hard-knocks perfecting marketing tactics and proven business-building strategies for the health, beauty and medical industry. Craig now focuses on €fixing and providing immediate growth solutions for small and medium-sized businesses leveraging the most advanced internet marketing, eCommerce and proven marketing tactics and strategies.