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Las Vegas
Las Vegas Convention Center
June 23-25, 2018

Your Profitable American Spa (AB1)

June 25, 2017
09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Operating any type of business is rewarding and comes with many risks. Within the spa industry it is even more magnified due to equipment, product costs and tight margins. Understanding the process of running a spa is critical to long term business success.
Learn how to define your purpose for designing spa services, creating an extraordinary experience for the spa guest, spa mission and spa theme.
Learn space allocation, setting financial budgets for build out and inventory, room setup and equipment options, targeting service offerings to attract clients. Discover how to effectively break down your revenues vs. expenses. From advertising to payroll this segment covers it all.
Distinguish your retail identity and product mission, product branding options, learning product selection options based upon manufacturer support and price point and staff training.
Learn which types of marketing are effective and what results can be tracked, what collaterals are effective when marketing expanded service offerings, launch dates events, client incentives and follow up.
Become aware of what treatments and trends are happening around the world and how they can affect your bottom line and competitive edge. You will hear this information here first.
Take away all the gray areas and set clear expectations right from the start with each team member and their position. Know exactly what should be in descriptions from financial goals, dress codes, dispensary policies, meetings, advanced education and client policies specific to their position. Learn how to set up evaluations that empower your team members and motivate them to be the positive example. Discover the nine areas to evaluate their performance and take their score to a whole new level.
Brand your client’s experience and set your company apart from all other businesses who do similar services. Clients will pay top dollar for a service and experience that pays attention to quality and detail. Learn dialogues that address the three drivers of a business: retail, referral of new clients and pre-booking with each client who comes in.
This program is a must for any spa professional that wants unlimited income potential and wants to run a business successfully. Sponsored by: Durocher Enterprises and Essentials Spa Consulting


President, Durocher Enterprises & Essentials Spa Consulting

Bryan is the author of Wakeup Live the Life You Love in Beauty and the founder of Essentials Spa Consulting and Durocher Enterprises. Bryan was named one of the “Top 20 People to Know in the Beauty Industry” by Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. Durocher provides coaching, consulting, global industry trends, marketing solutions for med spas, spa and industry professionals internationally. Durocher Enterprises has been published in many articles and has provided business education internationally, including: Spa Asia, A4M Australia, Europe Dubai, TSA, International Beauty Show New York, Organization Mondiale Moscow, Allured’s Face & Body, America’s Spa Expo, ISSE, the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conferences. He is also a contributor to NBC South Florida Today.

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June 26, 2017 - 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM
How to Hire the Best People
June 25, 2017 - 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Your Profitable American Spa (AB1)
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